Venom: Woody Harrelson Reportedly In Talks To Join The Cast

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Next year's Venom movie has been the subject of division amongst many comic fans, with some expressing excitement, given the star power involved, and others being wearier since it isn't set in the MCU. Having Tom Hardy in the lead role will appeal to many moviegoers and it looks like he will be joined by more notable talent if Sony gets its way. Apparently, Woody Harrelson is currently in talks to join the comic book adaptation.

The Hollywood Reporter says the actor could be joining the film, though his role has not been revealed. If Harrelson does join the cast, it would be a reunion of sorts since he worked with the film's director Ruben Fleischer. Fleischer and Harrelson worked together in Zombieland, so this could make fans of that film more optimistic about Venom.

Sony hasn't confirmed the news but it would be quite the boon for the studio if Harrelson joins the cast. Hardy is currently joined by Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, and Jenny Slate. Only time will tell if Harrelson does join the cast.


Hardy recently confirmed that the film would be based on the popular Lethal Protector series that came out in the 90's. It's the story that transitioned the character from villain to anti-hero, increasing his popularity with comic fans at the time. Some would say that this is why Venom's still popular today.

Venom is currently slated for an October 5, 2018, release.

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