07 May 2021 1:28 PM +00:00 UTC

VALORANT Replay System Under Development, According to Riot Games

Riot Games might finally add a replay system to their popular tactical shooter, VALORANT soon, so players can rewatch all their amazing plays.

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Credit: Riot Games

The replay system is one of the most highly requested features VALORANT players have been asking for since the game's release last year, and the developers will update fans with the progress of its implementation.

"Talks are ongoing with multiple internal teams interested in a VALORANT replay system," Riot Games said in a blog post. "No, we can't share any updates as of now, but know that these early discussions are in earnest and we should have an update for you all soon."

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Introducing the replay system to VALORANT will not only help players improve their gameplay and capture in-game highlights, the feature would also help spectators and coaches in esports competitions.

Riot hasn't announced when they will roll out this feature in VALORANT, but fans should get an update from the developers in the near future.