VALORANT Pro ShahZaM Pulls Off Amazing Ace as Jett

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VALORANT professional player and Sentinels member Shahzeb "ShahZam" Khan pulls off an impressive ace in Riot's tactical shooter during a recent stream.

Credit: Sentinels

Shahzam was the last player alive on his team in a defense round, but he had Jett's ultimate ability and an Operator to win the round. He used an oOp to kill an unsuspecting player before taking down Phoenix, who he took down Jett's knives. Then ShahZaM was lucky enough to catch an Omen teleporting near B Site for an easy kill, but the team already planted the spike and forced him to confront the last two players on C Site.

ShahZam tried to kill the enemy Sage and Sova with Jett's knives, but he missed, so he had to use his Operator and Classic pistol at close range. However, ShahZam managed to hit a remarkable no-scope on the enemy Sage before killing Sova with the Op. He then defused the spike while his teammates praise his amazing performance that kept them in the game.

Watch ShahZam's amazing ace here:

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ShahZaM and his Sentinels team will represent North America alongside Version1 at the VCT Masters Stage Two Reykjavik tournament later this month.