VALORANT New Filipina Agent Neon Revealed in Exciting Trailer

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The 18th VALORANT Agent, Neon, is finally coming this month, and Riot Games has released a new trailer to highlight the electrifying Filipina Duelist. Neon is set to release when Episode 4, Act 1 launches in a few days, and although Riot has been teasing the new Agent since the VALORANT Champions 2021 finals, this is the first time we get to see what she can actually do in the game.

Credit: Riot Games

Neon is already confirmed to be the sixth Duelist Agent in VALORANT, and her character's home city is Manila, Philippines. As you can see in the trailer below, Neon is fast: She can dash and slide, but note that she can't shoot while dashing.

She can also bring out a spark kind of molly that could stun enemies. She can also create a path for her to dash through with her two-sided electric wall ability that reminds us of Phoenix's fire wall but it looks much more effective since her ability covers both sides.

Finally, her ultimate lets her zap enemies with her fingers while being able to slide and move faster. It reminds us of Reyna's Empress ultimate that lets her use abilities on the side while at this hightened state.

Watch the trailer for Neon below featuring music by titled Entertain Me by Ylona Garcia & 88rising


Riot Games already confirmed that Neon will be added to the VALORANT roster when Episode 4, Act 1 launches on Jan. 12. Expect a new Battlepass, bug fixes, and more game updates to arrive with the release of the next Episode.

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