New VALORANT Agent Name and First Look Revealed

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The next VALORANT Agent is coming; now, Riot Games has finally shared our first look and revealed her official name. The developer has been teasing Agent 19, codenamed "Sprinter" in recent weeks, and now we know that her name is Neon. The new Agent is expected to arrive early 2022, when the next VALORANT Episode launches in a few days.

Check out the first look at Neon here:

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Neon looks pretty wicked, and it looks like Jett has some competition when it comes to speed. She will most likely have some sort of dash ability just like Jett's.


Although Riot hasn't officially revealed Neon's abilities or what type of Agent she is, it's already confirmed that her abilities are lightning-based. Based on the look, it looks like she's either a Duelist or Initiator, but given that there are already five Duelists in VALORANT and there are less of other types, it's likely that she's an Initiator.

Riot previously teased Neon's abilities: "Kicking off next year is an Agent who can outpace the rest of the roster, shocking the competition, and sliding straight into the fight."

We also know that the new Agent is from Manila, Philippines. Expect Riot to reveal more details about Neon next week, including her abilities, lore details, more images, and hopefully, a trailer to showcase what the new VALORANT Agent can do.

What do you think about Neon? Do you think she will make an impact in the meta of competitive VALORANT? Let us know what you think on VALORANT Source on Twitter.

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Neon is set to join the roster when VALORANT Episode 4, Act 1 launches on January 12.