VALORANT Guide: How to Defend Both Sites of Pearl as Viper in 1 Round

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When you're playing Viper in VALORANT, sometimes it's hard to decide which site of the map you want to defend with your Toxic Screen and Poison Orb in every round, but it's actually possible to defend more than one site in the same round, and this guide, I'll show you how to defend both sites of Pearl using all of Viper's abilities (except her ultimate) in just one round.

You're going to be doing this entire Viper setup from B-Link, the tight path from mid to B site, so before the barrier goes up, you will need to go to this area. To make this guide clear for you, I embedded my TikTok video and included an image of Pearl with callouts.


Pearl callouts
Credit: Blitz.GG
Pearl callouts


Here are the steps to do this setup

  1. Before the barrier goes up, stand by the stairs of B-Link and set your Toxic Screen diagonally across to cut the entry to Pearl B Site. This can effectively delay attackers from pushing into site.
  2. For the Poison Orb: Stand on the corner by the stairs, near the entry to Mid-Connector, then line-up your crosshair on the upper-right corner of the chimney facing A Site. When the barrier is lifted, you jump-throw the Poison Orb, and it should land on the entry to A Site from A Main.
  3. For the Snake Bite lineup for the back of B Ramp, crouch on the corner (closer to B Site) of the entry to Mid-Connector, and lineup the Poison Orb icon to the light, and just simple left-click to throw your Snake Bite, and it should hit anyone who comes across that area.
  4. For the Snake Bite lineup for A main entry, you need to stand by the wall, at the bottom of the stairs in B-Link, then lineup the right tip of your left HUD line on the light third from the left, then left-click to throw the Snake Bite, and it should land on the same area where the Poison Orb is. This combos well with the Poison Orb and can potentially kill anyone who goes through the smoke.

There you go, hope you enjoyed this VALORANT guide. Check out more Viper lineup guides on my Tiktok.