Valorant Data Miner Potentially Finds New Map Codenamed 'Foxtrot'

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Valorant has introduced a good amount of new agents since it was released last year, but fans have been asking for developers to add more maps. There are currently only five maps in the game, and players want more. Thankfully, it looks like Riot Games is planning to a tropical map soon.

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Credit: Riot Games

Data miners have potentially found a new map in Valorant's files labeled "Foxtrot," which is likely a codename used during development. According to Valorant Express, the loading music they found is potentially for the unreleased map, which seems to have a tropical island theme. However, Riot hasn't confirmed any of this information yet.


This ties well with the tier-48 reward in the current battle pass, which is a Lost at Sea? player card depicting a huge cargo ship sailing off in the night. There are smaller boats flanking the ship, either chasing or escorting it. As Riot has done in the past, players cards may hint at upcoming agents and maps. Perhaps, this player card may hint at the new map, which might be a tropical island.

The data miners haven't found anything else about the potential new map. However, Riot is known for teasing upcoming content in the battle pass. It's been months since Riot released the 5th map in Valorant, Icebox, so it's likely that the devs will release one soon.

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We'll update you here on EpicStream once Riot officially announces new content, so be sure to check out our Valorant Facebook fan page to get notified about the latest news.