22 Nov 2021 7:27 PM +00:00 UTC

VALORANT Champions 2021 Anthem 'Die For You' Released by Riot Games

Riot Games has released the official theme song for VALORANT Champions 2021, Die For You just a few days ahead of the game's first-ever VALORANT Champions, the biggest VALORANT tournament of the year, where 16 of the best teams from around the world will compete for the championship title and prize money.

Valorant Champions 2021
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Credit: Riot Games
Valorant Champions 2021

Riot released a music video for Die For You by Grabbitz, and it features exciting animation that shows Brimstone, Sage, and Phoenix trying to defuse the Spike on B site on Split while Chamber tries to stop them.

Phoenix unleashes his ultimate ability to push into the site while Brimstone and Sage hide for cover from the sniping Chamber, who shoots a round that goes straight to Phoenix. Each attacking Agent deals with their inner struggles before returning and pushing the site as a team to defuse the Spike.

Watch the music video for Die For You here:



This song is just perfect for the first-ever VALORANT Champions. Riot Games continues to amaze us with wonderful visuals and inspiring music, and VALORANT fans should be more excited for the event after hearing this epic anthem.

According to Riot (via TheLoadout), the VALORANT Champions 2021 Tour finale will be Die for You-tinged at various points throughout."When the final kill is recorded on a map, the Die for You music video will appear. When players look at the exclusive Championship skin for the popular Vandal rifle, the anthem will play.”

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The VALORANT Champions 2021 event begins on December 1, and the 16 teams will compete through a group stage for a spot in the playoffs. For a full schedule and information of the first matches, check out the details here.