New VALORANT Agent Posters Spotted in Turkey

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The new VALORANT Agent is just around the corner, and Riot Games has been teasing her in recent weeks. VALORANT Agent 20, codenamed "Bounty Hunter", is expected to release in the next major update for the game, and now, posters teasing her have been spotted in Turkey, the new Agent's home country.

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Credit: Riot Games

Twitter user Ozlem_xo shared a photo of one of the posters seen in Turkey, and it features a cryptic eye surrounded by black swirls identical to previous teasers for the new Agent.

It's not surprising to see these posters in Turkey since the new Agent is from that country. Similarly, posters of Filipino Agent Neon were spotted in the Philippines prior to her release earlier this year.

In addition to these posters, the official VALORANT social media accounts have shared another teaser featuring Breach being imprisoned in a place with the same dark swirls surrounding him.

It's likely that these shadowy swirls reflect the new Agent's abilities, which have reportedly been leaked already. "Bounty Hunter" is expected to be an Initiator type, and according to March's State of the Agents blog, she is said to give players a "more intimate feeling when hunting down enemies". A teaser art was also shared confirming that Agent 20 is from Turkey.

This week's Patch 4.07 also added a new room that appears to be Cypher's office, which contains new audio clues for the new Agent and possibly, the next map, which is expected to be set in Lisbon, Portugal.

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VALORANT Agent 20, which hasn't offiically been revealed yet, is expected to launch in the next Act, around April 27. Expect Riot Games to officially reveal the new Agent this month. For now, enjoy the new teasers and posters from Turkey.


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