Unofficial Justice League Motion Comic Gets Scrapped Following Plagiarism Accusations

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Many people believed that the triumph of Zack Snyder's Justice League would have led to Warner Bros. finally having a change of heart and giving the director the chance to complete the trilogy he's always intended to do.

However, despite all the hype and positive reviews the 4-hour flick generated, it's quite evident that WB still has no plans to revive the SnyderVerse, much to the chagrin of DC fans the world over.

This is why a group of Snyder Cut fanatics is taking matters into their own hands by turning Zack's visions for the supposed Justice Leagues 2 & 3 into a motion comic adaptation. The folks behind the LightCast podcast have joined forces to work on TheDreamscapes of Justice League: A Motion Comic which would've made use of storyboards from Snyder and prolific Batman artist Jim Lee.

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However, as promising as it is already shaping up to be, the fan project has officially been canned after being plagued with several issues. ScreenRant reports that the motion comic will no longer be seeing the light of day due to accusations of plagiarism. Apparently, the artists of the said project copied existing artwork from DC which all surfaced on Twitter.

In a now-deleted statement, the masterminds behind the project cited "general uneasiness about the project from the general public, some rarely targeted harassment towards members of the team, the countless legalities we've dealt with & ultimately our own mistakes on certain parts of the project." LightCast's Twitter handle has also been taken down.

It's a complete shame that we may never get to see the project come to fruition but you know, it's never cool to blatantly plagiarize someone else's work and the folks over at LightCast should've known that from the get-go. Hopefully, another company will show enough interest in continuing the project because it's clearly our only chance of seeing Snyder's true vision come to life.

Zack Snyder's Justice League is available for streaming on HBO Max.