Mortal Kombat Movie Will Have Video Game-Accurate Fatalities

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It looks like the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie is really aiming for that hard R rating. Screenwriter Greg Russo already confirmed that the film will be an R rated gorefest and he re-confirmed that by revealing Fatalities from the games are going to be abundant. Chances are, if you've seen or played any of the games, including the recent Mortal Kombat 11, you'll know what to expect; a ton of gore and creative violence.

Seriously, even those that like Saw might want to close their eyes when they see some of the Fatalities in recent Mortal Kombat games. The fact that we'll see video game-accurate versions of these in a movie basically confirms an R rating. No way in hell a movie like this will be PG-13, which is exactly what the filmmakers want.


Here's what Russo told

"Game accurate? Yes, we are. I can say for sure that the fatalities that we're going to put into the film are from the game."

Considering how the previous Mortal Kombat movies were PG-13 and were nowhere near as violent, this will be pleasant news for hardcore fans. Granted, there are people who enjoy the very first Mortal Kombat film since most see it as a guilty pleasure. Still, the first film isn't really a good movie and, to be honest, we aren't even sure if this R rated reboot will be high quality as well.

No release date for the Mortal Kombat movie has been announced.


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