Troy Baker Gives Update on HBO's The Last of Us

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While everyone is excited about the release of The Last of Us Part II in June, everyone hasn't forgotten about the series that HBO is developing with Chernobyl showrunner Craig Mazin. Apparently, Mazin is working very closely with the game's creative director Neil Druckmann, and we have an update on the show from the voice of Joel, Troy Baker.

Talking to Fandom, Baker explains:

"The thing that encourages me most [about the HBO show] is that while there were a lot of people in Hollywood that stood up and took notice [of The Last Of Us and its success] and were thinking, ‘Oh, a lot of people like this — we should turn it into a movie', Craig came at it from a fan's perspective. He just wants everybody to know this experience".

Seeing that movie adaptations of video games rarely pans out, it's kind of interesting that The Last of Us is going with television as the medium, seeing that it gives a lot more time for character development between Joel and Ellie. Baker agrees:

"I think that episodically you can far more effectively tell this story because trying to condense that experience of 16 hours into 2 hours is impossible… it goes past the point of distillation, into reduction. I think being able to do this episodically and go, ‘We'll do this for say, three or four seasons' and be able to almost 1:1 tell [the story of the game] presents a great opportunity for more people to experience this story."

If anything, the one thing that definitely sets The Last of Us apart from other games is its narrative, and it's very impressive how the series is able to make players invest in the characters over the course of the game. If the series will be able to capture that, I'm sure Mazin and Druckmann would have pulled the adaptation off.

We don't have a release date for the series yet, but The Last of Us Part II comes out on June 19.

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