Tron: Legacy's Light Cycle To Become An Official LEGO Set

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The LEGO Group has chosen the Tron: Legacy light cycle as the winner of 2017 LEGO Ideas campaign (submitted by BrickBrosUK). It even comes with a Sam Flynn mini-figure.

The set reached the 10,000 supporters goal required, and a video was released to announce LEGO's approval. 11 projects met the 10,000 supporters requirement. The Tron: Legacy light cycle beat out some great competitors like MightyMorphin'Power Rangers and The Office.

That looks cool, there's some backlash in the LEGO Ideas community. Fans wanted to see more original ideas being made instead of giving the people who rather base their ideas on existing properties. There was a set called Surf Rescue that people were rooting for. Here's the special mention they included in announcing the Light Cycle:

There is a bit of a backlash in the LEGO Ideas community, however. Fans want to see more original sets being made instead of them giving the people who base their ideas off of existing properties. In this round, there was a set called "Surf Rescue" that people were pulling for. In announcing the Light Cycle, they had this special mention on this one:

First of all congratulations to Damien and Aiden MacRae, creators of the Surf Rescue project, for making it to the LEGO Ideas Review. As with all members who reach this milestone, it's a huge feat! We are humbled knowing Damien and Aiden wished to use LEGO bricks to express their important and personal message about surf and sun safety. Their story inspired us to share their message with many LEGO fans worldwide through
Following the intensive LEGO Ideas review, we have however decided not to turn their Surf Rescue project into an official LEGO Ideas set. Despite this, we have offered to work with Damien and Aiden on some special projects to share their story and message. We will announce more about potential initiatives if they become a reality.

Price and availability for the Tron: Legacy Light Cycle haven't been announced yet.

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