Transformers: The Last Knight’s Mark Wahlberg Hints at Dinobots

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Paramount Pictures has already teased some of the upcoming Autobots and Decepticons for Transformers: The Last Knight.

While we know that some of them have received some new looks and treatment, there is one little surprise still waiting fans for the upcoming movie.

Mark Wahlberg, who will be reprising his role as inventor Cade Yeager, has teased via his Facebook Ask that a new kind of robot will be seen in the next movie. And from the looks of it, everything about Transformers: The Last Knight can be described as one word: cool.

"It's a cool new story. It's kind of like a man-on-the-run. Sir Anthony Hopkins is also in the film. We got a cool new cast. And cool new robots. Cool new villains. And some cool new Dinobots. I think you guys are really gonna go crazy for the Mini-Dinobots."

This won't be the first time we'll be seeing Dinobots in the Transformers movie franchise. Transformers: Age of Extinction has seen some of them in far bigger form. Towards the end of the scene, the Dinobots came in to help turn the tide of the battle in favor of the Autobots.

After that, the Dinobots seem to continue roaming the Earth after the quick team-up with the Autobots. We don't really know what happened after that.

Now, this little reveal from Wahlberg hints that Paramount isn't just going to let that random scene go after introducing the idea of Dinobots. Why they changed their minds to Mini Dinobots may be the next question we need to ask.

Transformers: The Last Knight will be out in theaters on June 23, 2017.

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The Last Guardian already has an ESRB rating.