Toy Alert: Lobo, Doctor Strange & Creepy Joker Get are Coming Your Way

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There are a couple of awesome figures ahead, and both Marvel and DC fans will get something great out of it.

We've compiled the three new toy releases, starring the Sorcerer Supreme, Lobo, and the Clown Prince of Crime.

Doctor Strange from Hot Toys


Hot Toys has released some snapshots of its upcoming Doctor Strange 1/6 scale figure, which will be out in time for the movie. The collectible figure is a movie-accurate figure in the likeness of Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange.

It features a developed head sculpt. Detailed outfit of the costume, an attachable Cloak of Levitation, variations of hand poses, some mystical artifacts including the Eye of Agamotto, and a stand to properly pose Doctor Strange.

Lobo Sixth Scale by Sideshow Toys

That nasty fierce grin is all Lobo needs to say "badass" without words. And now Sideshow Toys has brought a new scale figure that puts the devil's badass grin to shame.

Now available for preorder, the bounty hunter comes complete with sculpted torso and arms, different pairs of hands (clenched fists, with pistol, and designed to pair with his hook), costumes that includes his leather vest, and boots. His signature weapons, the pistol and the hook with metal chain are also included.

As Sideshow Exclusive, fans can get the beloved stogie for the Main Man. Even his grin looks nastier with the taste of victory in the action shot above.

Mezco's Clown Prince of Crime


He may not be Jared Leto's version of the thug Joker for Suicide Squad, but Mezco Toyz' new Joker toy does bring out the creepy in his smile.

The One:12 Collective Joker features most of the signature look of the Joker as we know him—the red hair, purple suit, white makeup, red lips, and that photogenic smile. Mezco's version also comes with his toys—and no, they're not like Jared's either, as these are his signature pistol and the chattering teeth.

The figure is already up for preorder for $75, with shipping expected to start on March 2017.

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