Top 16 Magic: The Gathering Arena Players Get Invites For Mythic Championship V

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Over the weekend, 1,000 of the top-ranked Magic: The Gathering Arena players competed in the Mythic Championship Qualifier for a seat in the Mythic Championship V, and the Top 16 players have earned a spot in the major Magic Arena event with a $750,000 prize pool, including Stanislav "StanCifka" Cifka.

Only 128 players made it to Day 2 of the online MCQ, and after 7 rounds of Swiss matches, 16 remained, earning themselves a seat to MCV.

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Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Here's the list of the Top 16 players who earned an invite to the MCV and the Standard decks they used:

Kavartech: Mono-Green
Vearato: Orzhov Vampires
Swifth: Scapeshift
John1111: Orzhov Vampires
Honey: Four-Colored Legends
Kbzx: Orzhov Vampires
EasyMac: Orzhov Vampires
StanCifka: Four-Colored Legends
Coraiola: Orzhov Vampires
PDG: Scapeshift
Enoo: Feather
InquisitoR: Feather
MTGIncomitatus: Scapeshift
DarkMonaldson: Feather
Sebationpozzo: Scapeshift
Edmvyrus: Feather

One of the Top 16 competitors is Cifka, a Czech TCG esports master who's won competitions in Hearthstone, chess, and Magic before. Hearthstone fans would recognize Cifka as the player who earned the Czech national team a first-place championship win at the Hearthstone Global Games in 2017. He is best known for winning Magic's Pro Tour Return to Ravnica in 2012.

Cifka played a deck called "Four-Colored Legends" and he shared his list on his Twitter, calling it "one of the craziest decks I've ever built."

The Magic: The Gathering Mythic Championship V will take place at Thunder Studios in Long Beach, California on October 18-20, and you can stream it live on

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