Tokyo Ghoul Sequel Getting Anime Adaptation

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After a hit anime and a live-action movie, it shouldn't come be a huge surprise that a new Tokyo Ghoul anime is coming out. Tokyo Ghoul: Re is the sequel to the original series and focuses on new characters. It's actually a bit surprising that the anime is only coming out now since the manga finished some time ago, but if that means no filler than it's a good move.

Series creator Sui Ishida seems to be excited since he shared an image of the anime on his Twitter account. A teaser trailer was also revealed, though it only said that we would see the show in 2018. No official release date has been revealed, but more news should come since this is a big property in Japan.


Viz Media recently announced that they would bring the Tokyo Ghoul: Re manga stateside, translating it to English for the first time. It coincides with the announcement that the Tokyo Ghoul movie would be showing in the Americas as well. Frankly, it seems like a great time to be a fan of the series given all the news.

Expect more news on the anime adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul: Re soon. The show will debut some time in 2018.

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