02 Jun 2017 3:52 PM +00:00 UTC

Tokyo Ghoul New Trailer Shows Insane Action

A new trailer for the live-action film for Tokyo Ghoul has dropped, and proves just how badly we need that treatment for the manga/anime.

Fans who have seen the anime may make some comparisons, but I personally feel that the action scenes and those kakuganes were shot and made beautifully. I'm not drowned by insanely overpowering CGI tricks, and from the brief trailer, it's easy to get a feel of what the movie is about without giving too much away.

The opening sequence almost mimics the first episode of the anime in that we're given a view of the city and the darkness that can lurk within it.

I have to say, Masataka Kubota projects Ken Kaneki's awkwardness during his meeting with the eerily anime-turned-manga Rize (Yu Aoi) really well. But at the same time, during what looks to be his transformation into a half-ghoul, we also get that tragically scared hero who just wants his normal life back.

All of the cast members embody their anime counterparts perfectly. I'm excited to see Hide Nagachika and Nishio Nishiki-sempai. Kai Ogasawara and Shunya Shiraishi both look the part—I do hope the latter will give us the crazy-first-adorable-later ghoul who just loves his Kimi.


Tokyo Ghoul live-action film is a definite must-see. It's set to come out in Japan this July. But the good news is there will be an international release as well. Funimation has already confirmed that it will bring the Tokyo Ghoul film to the U.S., with release dates still set to be finalized.

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