31 May 2017 4:20 PM +00:00 UTC

Tokyo Ghoul Live-Action Film Unveils More Cast Stills

If there was one anime that fans would love to see made into a live-action movie—but one that we feared would need to have the best effects—it would have to be Tokyo Ghoul.

There's something beautiful about their world that's torn in half by humans and ghouls, as well as the dynamics that come with being the latter. This is why the announcement of the live-action film has made our ears perk up.

Now, the official website of the live-action film has revealed a few more cast members for the film (care of Anime News Network). A standout among them—and a personal bias who I've come to love after that surprising origin episode with Kimi)—is NIshio Nishiki, portrayed by Shunya Shiraishi, who gives the untouchable senpai vibe.

Other characters revealed are the following:

Seika Furuhata as Yoriko Kosaka
Tomoya Maeno as Ippei Kusaba
Dankan as Hisashi Ogura
Ryo Iwamatsu as Akihiro Kano

As far as likeness in costume is concerned, however, Kabuki actor Minosuke Bando takes the cake as Uta, the owner of HySy ArtMask Studio and a friend to Renji Yomo, Itori, and early on to Ken Kaneki. The tattoos, face, and even the frailty of the character is spot-on for Uta.

Tokyo Ghoul live-action film will be out in theaters in Japan on July 29.

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