Tokyo Comic-Con Bans Men from Dressing Like Women at Conventions

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Image source: WIkipedia

Tokyo Comic-Con has raised eyebrows in the fan community for banning men from dressing up like women (crossplaying) at the conventions, Anime News Network reports. The rule is included on the event's official guidelines as a bullet point beneath other restrictions such as no real military costumes, excessive skin exposure, and transparent costumes.

Naoko Tachibana, a photographer who built her career providing services for LGBT minorities, says that events place this ban out of fear of "not passing" costumers. Many would consider the reason for this ban sexist. Here's the explanation from the source:

Event staff are wary of attracting a large number of stereotypically unattractive men dressed as women.

So pretty much, they don't want to see a lot of ugly guys dressing up as women at conventions. Fans should be able to crossplay whatever character they want regardless of their gender.

So what do you think about this ban on crossplaying at Tokyo Comic-Con?


Here's a funny video of a crossplayer: