10 Jul 2018 7:29 AM +00:00 UTC

Toei Animation Reveals Broly's Return in December's Dragon Ball Super Movie

After months of speculation, Toei Animation has announced who the villain for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie will be and it's not a new Saiyan. In fact, you could say that this Super Saiyan is quite legendary, even though two of his three films are utter garbage.

That's right, Broly is not only returning but is seemingly going to be a part of the official Dragon Ball canon. Now that the villain has been identified, Toei has also revealed the title for this new film; Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Since we now know that Broly will be taking on the Super Saiyan Blue versions of Goku and Vegeta, it's actually kind of funny to look back at the movie's teaser. The villain had a green aura that was similar to Broly's, with many of us thinking that this would just be some sort of tribute or homage to the character. We now know that this isn't the case and Broly will now be returning to the fandom.


Broly is a pretty controversial figure amongst the Dragon Ball fandom. While he has a great visual design and interesting concept, some feel that his character is dull. Even worse is his hatred for Goku, which was caused when Goku would cry near him every night when they were babies. Seriously.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly comes out in Japan on December 14. No worldwide release date has been announced but one will probably be planned by Funimation.

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