23 Nov 2017 10:49 AM +00:00 UTC

Titans: Ryan Potter Talks Beast Boy Role And Asian-American Representation

When Ryan Potter was announced as the actor who will be portraying Beast Boy in Titans, fans were pleasantly surprised by the news. The actor previously voiced Hiro in the fan-favorite Big Hero 6, so it will be cool seeing him portray a live-action superhero this time. During an interview with Collider to promote the Big Hero 6 animated series, Potter discussed his role as Beast Boy and how he could be one of the more well-known Asian-American heroes.

Potter praised DCEU head and Doomsday Clock writer Geoff Johns, who felt that the character needs to be Asian-American or some sort of mixed race. Representation is important to Johns and Potter is proud to be a beloved character whose race just happens to be Asian-American. Since the character is known for having green skin, it's doubtful that anyone will be ticked off with this move.

Interestingly enough, Potter also stated that he was excited to do some of his own stunts since got into the industry thanks to his martial arts prowess. He admits that the character will be a bit tricky to do actions for since he fights by turning into different animals. Even so, he's hoping to do some of the motion capture or fight choreography himself, though he also mentions his stunt double could also do things he couldn't do.

The Titans show does not have a release date but will be a part of DC's unnamed streaming service coming next year. Other shows that will be a part of it include the third season of Young Justice and a Harley Quinn adult animated series.

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