Timothy Zahn Has A New Thrawn Novel Requested By Lucasfilm

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Excitement hung over the Star Wars community when Lucasfilm announced that they were sending Legends' Grand Admiral Thrawn to Star Wars Rebels. The Chiss Imperial military commander who was first introduced in Timothy Zahn's 1991 novel, Heir to the Empire was a favorite non-canon character, and many were ecstatic to hear that Thrawn was making his way into the canon universe.

The Grand Admiral certainly wrecked havoc in the third season of Star Wars Rebels, and though his plans were a slow burner, fans all excitedly wonder what's next for the military commander. Now, according to a recap of the Thrawn Panel at the Emerald City Comic Con by Far Far Away Radio, Zahn is working on a new book for the tactical and highly strategic character.

Apparently Zahn was invited to speak with Lucasfilm Story Group's members along with Dave Filoni. After the group asked him everything about Thrawn, Zahn was told that the character was going to be added into Star Wars Rebels.

After the revelation, Lucasfilm then asked Zahn to write a book. During the panel Zahn looks towards the future, pitching sequels for the book and expressing interest in making three more novels for Thrawn. According to the recap, an excerpt taken from the upcoming novel reveals that Thrawn had met Anakin Skywalker once before – this plot thread has been included in one of the sequels that Zahn's been pitching. It's exciting what Lucasfilm has planned for Thrawn. We definitely hope that the character will make it into the Star Wars cinematic universe.

The Thrawn novel is slated for release on April 11.

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