Thor Ragnarok: Plot Details On Odin And Loki's Roles In Hela's Escape

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By the end of Thor: The Dark World, Odin's whereabouts are unknown and Loki is seen sitting on the throne of Asgard. In Ragnarok, we see the threat of Hela arrive, and as it turns out, Loki will be the unknowing catalyst that will bring upon her wrath to the realms.

Talking to IGN, executive producer Brad Winderbaum explains just exactly how Loki's actions lead to the return of Hela. He explains:

"What Thor comes to learn early on is that there's a lot of terrible things in the cosmos that just shouldn't be that way. And we learn that Odin was doing far more than it seemed on the surface to keep the universe safe. That there were all these threats that he had quelled or was keeping at bay, using his strength and power to do so, that Loki was completely unaware, unprepared for."


As it turns out, Loki gets what he wants, but it comes with a terrible price:

"He becomes the King of Asgard, everything is great, it's a good party, but he failed to realize the threats that were just over the horizon, Hela being the biggest and most terrible one of all."

With Thor thinking that Loki died in Dark World, Winderbaum also explained that Thor has moved on from seeing Loki as the enemy and has different feelings toward his brother when he learns that he's alive. This, however, doesn't sit too well with Loki.

"The opposite of love is not hate but indifference. So the idea that Thor might be indifferent to Loki is troubling for him, because that's a defining feature of his character is, I don't belong in the family; my brother doesn't love me; I hate my brother. And the idea his brother's like, yeah, whatever, it's an interesting development."

With Taika Waititi behind the helm, a lot of people are expecting Ragnarok to be a different movie, both as a Thor film as well as a Marvel Studios one. With this one being his first big-budget project, let's hope Waititi is able to deliver something a lot of the fans will love.

Thor: Ragnarok is set for a release on Nov. 3.

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