Thor: Ragnarok Director Taika Waititi Asks Marvel Advice From Peyton Reed And James Gunn, And The Results Are Hilarious

When it was announced that Taika Waititi will be helming Thor: Ragnarok, nobody knew what to expect from the relatively unknown New Zealand-based filmmaker. Generally, Waititi is known for his comedic than action films.

Right now, we still don't know whether Waititi will bring something different and interesting to Thor: Ragnarok, but if we base our expectations on the director's personality, then you can expect the third Thor movie to be full of humor. This is evidenced in Waititi's Twitter account, where he casually asks other Marvel directors about tips on how to properly make Thor: Ragnarok.

Waititi specifically asked Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy's respective directors, Peyton Reed and James Gunn, since he obviously shares their same kind of humor. Waititi first asks Reed about explosions then Gunn about other requirements needed for his movie.

The exchange is nothing less than hilarious.

Check it out below:

The tweets are obviously all in jest, but it wouldn't be surprising if "the purple dude in the floating chair" Thanos makes his appearance in Thor: Ragnarok at some point.

Check out his other tweets:

The latest installment in the MCU, Captain America: Civil War, has received immense success both critically and commercially, therefore we can understand if Waititi's tweets had double meanings. The pressure is definitely on, which is probably why he made that tweet above to director Scott Derrickson, who's also a first-timer at Marvel with this year's Doctor Strange.

In any case, we know for sure that Taika Waititi and we're hoping that to translate into Ragnarok.

Fans can expect Thor: Ragnarok to bring entertainment and humor once it hits theaters on November 3, 2017.

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