23 Nov 2017 11:08 AM +00:00 UTC

Thor: Ragnarok Concept Art Gives Valkyrie Her Own Wings

Tess Thompson's Valkyrie was a fan-favorite walking out of Thor: Ragnarok, and everyone wants to see more of her in the potential future of the MCU. The movie had the Valkyries riding winged horses in their battle sequence with Hela, but alternative concept art has the Valkyries sporting their own set of wings.

Check it out:

Though I myself prefer the feathered look of wings, this one looks to be integrated in the armor of the Valkyries, making it look like some Asgardian version of the Wasp's wings. Though I I'm happy they went with giving the ladies pegasi to ride, I wish they kept to the basic look of this armor. I thought the white skinsuit that Thompson wore looked kind of weird.


With Justice League currently getting its ass kicked by critics, a lot of praise is still going to Thor: Ragnarok, with some calling it the best Marvel movie of the year. Personally I preferred to think that the top MCU movie of 2017 is Spider-Man: Homecoming.

We don't know exactly when we get to see Valkyrie return to the MCU, but there's already a good chance that we'll see Thompson return for Avengers: Infinity War. The movie boasts to be Marvel's biggest collaboration yet, and everyone from main characters to sidekicks are getting the spotlight one way or another.

Catch Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok.

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