Thor Ragnarok: Cate Blanchett Talks About Being The First Female Marvel Villain

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Despite having a lot of female villains in the comics, Cate Blanchett's Hela will be the first female villain in a Marvel movie. Blanchett talks about her role with E! News and shares that the Marvel Universe needs to step up their game when it comes to female antagonists.

She explains:

"I didn't realize until Victoria [Alonso] told me that I was inhabiting the first female Marvel villain onscreen… I thought, 'Surely not… well, no actually that's true.' There's been many, many, many [female villains] in the comic books, but they've been a little tardy in bringing them to the screen, so hopefully there will be a lot more villainesses."


Some can already say that there was a shortage in female heroes, but nobody ever thought of complaining about having more female villains. It must have been a coincidence that even The Defenders series is introducing Sigourney Weaver's character as the first main female villain for Marvel Netflix.

Blanchett's Hela looks absolutely amazing, and hopefully we get to see Blancett's request for more female villains come true in the near future. With so many masculine male heroes in the Marvel Universe, I guess it would be hard for audiences to watch a female villain get beat up in a Marvel movie. You can just imagine all the PC people wondering if they should protest, "We want to see more women get beat up in the MCU!" It's a real head-scratcher, this one.

Thor: Ragnarok comes out Nov. 3.

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