This Video Tour of The Godzilla-themed Hotel Will Make You Want To Fly To Japan

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I could make a huge list of strange reasons to go to Japan, and a Godzilla-themed hotel is probably one of them. A couple of months ago, we shared some info about a Godzilla-themed hotel that will open in Shinjuku, Japan, but all we got that time are concept art photos of what the hotel would look like. 

Now, thanks to Kotaku, we discovered this video tour from Jiji Press. It looks like it turned out just like what the concept art had depicted: with a huge Godzilla sculpture visible from the hotel windows. Inside, there are Godzilla artworks and scultpures that every hardcore Godzilla fan would love to see. If ever I make it to Shinjuku, I'll make damn sure to spend a night in this fantastic hotel.