This Star Wars and Feudal Japan Crossover Art is Spectacular

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An artist has created the perfect combination of Star Wars and feudal Japan elements in his latest artwork. Korean artist Kim Jung Gi made the Star Wars feudal Japan mashup for a total of three hours. A video shows how he captured the extraordinary mashup art with no reference at all other than his mind.

Check it out:



The video was made in October 2015 and it’s probably gaining traction again now with the release of Star Wars Episode VII:The Force Awakens, filming of Star Wars: Episode VIII, and the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Jung Gi served in the South Korean Army for two years and attended the Dong-Eui University in Busan, Korea. Oh, he also happens to hold the Guinness World Record for longest drawing by a person with his fisheye art design of Penang. With his background in the military and art school, he eventually established an awesome memory as well as a strong sense of art that helped him draw the spectacular Star Wars feudal Japan crossover right from his memory. It also isn’t surprising that he thought of mashing the two genres. By retrospect, Star Wars is originally inspired by samurai films created by Akira Kurosawa, so it’s no wonder the two genres seamlessly fit together.

I love how Jung Gi was able to incorporate characters from Episode I to Episode VI with the exceptional piece. From old school Japanese battle armors to mobile shrines, each one got their own feudal Japan treatment.

Check out some photos:






The Force is definitely strong with Jung Gi. I wonder if he’ll create a new feudal Japan mashup with the new Star Wars series.

Looking for other comic book art? Jung Gi’s portfolio has them.