14 Aug 2017 12:23 PM +00:00 UTC

This Spider-Man: Homecoming Poster Is Actually A Set Photo Of Tom Holland Asleep

Spider-Man: Homecoming had a sleuth of good and bad poster, but one of them had Spidey wearing a jacket with his headphones on. You'd think that it was just an interesting photo of Spider-Man chilling out, but it's actually a set photo of Tom Holland asleep inbetween takes.

In an interview posted up by TheRealSpideyMan on Instagram, Tom Holland explains his shock when they found out that they took a picture of him napping and turned it into a poster for Homecoming. He explains:

"Interesting story about that poster is that is actually me asleep. That's not part of the movie, that's me in-between takes asleep. We were shooting this scene and I was just really tired that day, and I was just asleep on the floor, and the photographer took a picture. So when they made that the poster, I was like ‘What! What the hell, guys!'"


Of course we didn't get to see Peter wear this specific get-up in public, but he did wear it during the scene where he was stuck inside a vault which was owned by Damage Control. I don't know how other people feel about it, but I love seeing superheroes mix and match their costumes with everyday apparel. I just like the idea if the semi-casual superhero.

The hype for Spider-Man: Homecoming may have come and gone, but the movie has just recently started making waves in Japan. We'll just have to wait and see just how successful Homecoming will end up being compared to previous films in the franchise.

Spider-Man: Homecoming's 4K Ultra Blu-Ray HD Mask Edition is set to hit shelves on October 18.

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