This Robot Can Solve a Rubik's Cube Faster than You Can Say BB-8

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Many people are pros at solving the Rubik’s Cube, but a new robot is challenging all those experts. This robot can solve a Rubik’s Cube in a mere second!

Can’t believe it? Better watch the video below.



The Rubik’s Cube genius robot was created by Software engineers Jay Flatland and Paul Rose. They created the machine in an attempt to beat the world record of fastest Rubik’s Cube solver.

The current record held by a machine is 3.253 seconds, while the record held by a human (Lucas Etter) is 4.904 seconds.

It’s obvious that Flatland and Rose’s robot is a monster at solving Rubik’s Cubes. They have now slammed the previous record, with their machine holding record attempts of 1.196 seconds, 1.152 seconds, 1.047 seconds and 1.019 seconds.

According to Venture Beat, the engineers made the robot using 3D-printed frames, USB webcams hooked to a PC and stepper motors. They scanned the cube for configuration, after which they placed the info in the Kociemba Rubik’s Cube solving algorithm. They also had to drill four holes onto the middle of each side of the cube for their robot to make a move.

The rest is up to the robot.

This Rubik’s Cube solving robot may not be as advanced as BB-8 or R2-D2, but we’ve never the two Star Wars robot holding the puzzle. I’m pretty sure this robot will win a Rubik’s Cube challenge with the two any time.