01 Feb 2016 2:49 PM +00:00 UTC

This Polish Statue and Kylo Ren Have Something in Common

This is the statue of Jakub Wejher, the founder of the Polish town of Wejherowo in the in year 1643.

He's way, way older than Kylo Ren, but the founding father and Star Wars character have something in common. They both want to be Darth Vader.

Well, Wejher isn't really a fan of the Sith Lord, but he could be since he turned into Darth Vader after a really snowy day in the town this year, as shown in Bored Panda.

Check him out transformed into the Sith Lord after snowfall.


Apparently, the statue is fond of transformations. A few weeks ago, he was also wore a Santa hat for the holidays.


It's not the first time a town statue has been transformed into Kylo Ren's grandfather. A statue in the Ukrainian city of Yuzhne was transformed into a Darth Vader monument delivering WiFi to the community, according to Meduza.

Image Credit: Dumskaya.net via Meduza

Local artist Alexander Milov worked on the transformation after workers at an Odessa factory requested the statue remodelled instead of being demolished.

It's a good thing these statues aren't turning into real Vaders during nightfall. We don't need any more Sith Lords in our galaxy. I hope by some miracle the snow will also create a droid looking statue. Now that would be a treat.