This Korean Deadpool Flash Mob Will Make Wade Wilson Proud

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What’s better than Deadpool himself? Deadpool multiplied by 20 dancing in a flash mob.

It’s been weeks since the release of Deadpool in theaters, but the fever hasn’t died down. A video showcasing a group of dancers in South Korea busting their moves to DMX’s X Gon' Give It To Ya has continued to gain traction even a month after it was uploaded on YouTube.

The South Korean group call themselves the K-Tigers and the Deadpool flash mob serves to pay tribute to the unapologetic Merc with a Mouth. All of the dancers are sporting Deadpool hoodies and masks, except for one dressed up in the Marvel character’s popular red jumpsuit with the katanas he’s carrying criss-crossed over his back.

Take a look at K-Tiger’s entertaining performance:



Most of the viewers’ reactions on YouTube are pretty pumped, with the video having reached viewers in Morocco and even Spain. The former commented "AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!! YOU HAVE A BIG FAN HERE FROM MOROCCO," while the latter said "Amazing¡, greetings from Ribadeo, Spain¡¡ï»¿" Others evevn took notice of the jackets and asked where the group was able to buy it.

K-Tiger has pretty impressive moves. I’m not a fan of the heart thing near the end of the video but overall, the group has done a good job of imitating Deadpool’s moves if he knew how to krump.