This Game of Thrones Death Scene Was Originally Going To Be More Brutal

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Aside from "tits and dragons", Game of Thrones is known for its bloody and gory death scenes, but sometimes even the team behind HBO's epic fantasy series thinks they might be going a little too far. One of the Season Six's major death scenes could have been more brutal than the final version that we've seen.

During an interview with Variety about some of the VFX work on Game of Thrones' sixth season, Image Engine visual effects supervisor Mat Krentz revealed that Ramsay Bolton's satisfying torture-by-dogs was almost a lot bloodier than what we eventually got.

"They shot the scene with multiple takes," explained Image Engine visual effects supervisor Mat Krentz. "They did a pass of the dog on green screen, then Ramsay on green screen, and then we also had a background plate, which we put together." Artists also created a CG jaw for Bolton, and animated it to reveal the flesh ripping between Ramsay's skin and gums.

That would probably be a lot more satisfying to a lot of viewers, but even that's a step too far for Game of Thrones. What we got in that episode was still brutal and was finely shot as we've seen Sansa's satisfaction at Ramsay's death rather than watching him become dog food.

Game of Thrones will return for its seventh season sometime in 2017.

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