This Fan-Made Star Wars Battlefront 3 Revival Might Be What You’ve Always Dreamed Of

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There's a new Star Wars fan project that you wouldn't want to miss. The project's objective is to revive Battlefront 3 in a creative way.

The Free Radical Design game was a third game in a series of original Battlefront games. It had been scrapped when it was very close to being completed. When DICE's version was completed, fans noticed it to be of a different direction than previous installments of the game franchise. Naturally, fans were disappointed and many have taken it upon themselves to complete and recreate the Free Radical version.

The recent fan-made Battlefront 3 project was revealed via Reddit. Previously called Project Rebuild BF3, Star Wars: Galaxy in Turmoil began earlier this month. It's currently undergoing development where Unreal Engine 4 is being used by Russia-based developer, Frontwire Studios.

Galaxy in Turmoil features Hoth and Tatooine as battlegrounds. There's also space-to-ground test maps that were cut from DICE's version. Weapons to be included are a Z6 Rotary Blaster Cannon, Republic Grenade Launcher, DC-15S Blaster Rifle, A280C Blaster Rifle, and a Republic Missile Launcher.

The game will be released completely free once it releases. It's unknown exactly when that will be, but considering its development to have started only this month, it could take some time. More features are planned to be added to the game eventually with DLC.

The project looks promising and many die-hard fans will undoubtedly try this especially that it's available for free. However, it remains to be seen what the stakes are since Star Wars is one of Disney's biggest franchises.

The project's ModDB page is currently down. Hopefully, that doesn't mean the project has been completely stopped by Disney.

Source: VG247