This Bamboo-Carved Death Star Is Epic

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We’ve seen a lot of fan-made Star Wars art that show both the passion and craftsmanship of their creators. Back in January, we were stunned by a woodwork artist who created the Millennium Falcon out of 3000 individually-cut wood pieces from 30 types of timber. Now, it seems that another artist and Star Wars fan has set the bar to new heights when it comes to Star Wars crafts.

Another woodwork artist by the name of Frank Howarth has made the perfect replica of a Death Star out of bamboo plywood.

The Portland-based woodworker created his Death Star by fashioning a series of rings from bamboo segments after which stacking them into the spherical shape we see from the iconic Star Wars weapon.

Howarth also gave his creation the tiled look of the Death Star y using the grain of the wood. He even added a carved superlaser dish to the weapon for good measure.


Check it out:


This bamboo death star is the perfect decoration for a Star Wars fan’s mountain cabin, or home for that matter. It’s just that awesome.