This 17-Foot-Tall AT-AT Star Wars Replica Was Created For A Church Event

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Star Wars fan Kyle Gilbert needed a large prop for his event at his church, reports, so he created a 17-foot AT-AT replica (or, at least, half of it) and mounted it on a wall as a piece of installation art in his church. With the help of a small community of other workers, Kyle was able to complete his impressively authentic replica over the course of four weeks out of household materials.


"As people walked into the building, I wanted to do something that felt totally unpredictable and surprising," Kyle told "AT-ATs have this huge and menacing feel to them—totally iconic."


"I really had no idea how long it would take or even if we could actually pull it off like I had in my mind," Kyle added. "I had this thought that we could make it with a foam exterior and wooden frame, but I wasn't sure it would actually work. When I mocked it up in Photoshop, I knew I had to try, despite the real potential of failing."

While the AT-AT has since been taken downDaisy Ridley Believes That Rey Doesn't Have Any Weaknesses, Kyle jokingly told that the walker would in his living room if he had 20-foot ceilings.

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