06 Feb 2017 8:22 AM +00:00 UTC

Things Turn Upside Down in Super Bowl's New Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer

The Season 2 trailer of Stranger Things, which premiered at the Super Bowl, finally gives a date for its Netflix launch: Halloween. And it couldn't be more appropriate. Will, Mike, and their friends in the small town of Hawkins will be facing monstrous problems during the season of the witch.

The trailer is one bleak warning that the Upside Down, the dark dimension of the Alien-like monster that sucked Will in, is breaking through to our universe. There's a lot of confusion going on in town. Eleven just might re-appear. And things turn really bad with the emergence of that giant spider-thing right outside of Indiana.

This all confirms one cryptic photo released by the producers some time back: the weather is changing, and it might not be pleasant.


Stranger Things' appeal lies partly in its uncanny ability to recreate '80s nostalgia and its pop icons. This one seems to be a direct homage to Stephen King's novella "The Mist," which was turned into a movie 20 years later starring Thomas Jane. A military experiment gone awry literally opens up a portal into a forbidding alternate reality with spider creatures, poisonous mutant bees, and unspeakable behemoths with slimy tentacles and steel-trap jaws.

One thing that our Stranger Things heroes do have going for them that King's characters didn't have: a psychic with awesome powers.

Stranger Things Season 2 is set to debut on Halloween 2017. Watch the trailer below.