These Real-Life Walking Mech Suits Will Give You A Reason To Go To Disney's Avatar World

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"The World of Avatar" at Walt Disney World finally has a reason for fans of James Cameron's sci-fi franchise to visit: Real-life walking mech suits.

According to the Disney Parks Blog, these Pandora Utility Suits are designed to study and explore the planet Pandora, but also gives some narrative to park visitors as to what they're experiencing.


The fantastic Utility Suit was created in partnership between Disney Parks Live Entertainment, Michael Curry Studios, and the Walt Disney Imagineering team, using designs created by James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment.

The video doesn't go into details of how these mechs work, but if you look closely, you can tell that it's more like a costume with clever puppetry than a genuine mech. The mech's arms that mimic the pilot's arms are controlled by some sort of joystick mechanisms, and the legs of the pilots are hidden inside the vehicle's fake mechanical legs, each serving as stilts that enable the pilot to walk around in the suit.

You can call it a fake mech but the illusion is worth seeing in person, and it's a good enough reaosn to visit the Avatar World.

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