The Walking Dead's Negan Makes Rick Subservient in an Interesting Way

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Negan has been doling out hurt after hurt with every The Walking Dead episode for Rick's group of survivors. And the latest episode was no better.

Granted, we saw the kind of brokenness that makes Rick sadder after hearing about his little secret. However, that seemingly insignificant but actually very telling scene was when Negan had made Rick hold Lucille.

It's the kind of gesture that seems forgettable, but not when you know the history behind the two. In the regular after-show talk show Talking Dead (via, Executive Producer David Alpert gave his thoughts on what was going through Negan's mind during those moments when he would make Rick hold his dearest weapon.

"He's also been doing this from the moment we met him. He put the axe in the table of the RV and he's like, 'Hey come and get me!' knowing you can't do anything. I'm gonna leave you with my bat right behind me and you're not gonna hit me and that's gonna make you acknowledge that you're a beta."

This gives weight to that tense scene in the episode where we're second-guessing if Rick will actually do it and hit Negan with his own bat. Of course, whether or not we'll see some game plan cooking up in Alexandria, we'll have to wait a while longer, because next week's episode will focus on Maggie and the Hilltop Colony.

The Walking Dead will be back for another run on Sunday, 9:00 p.m. on AMC.

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