The Walking Dead’s Maggie Explains Her Change In Go Getters

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The latest episode of The Walking Dead may have been a slow burn brought on by the slow fizzle of less satisfying episodes in recent memory. However, there are character progressions that, if we forget about some illogical considerations—are actually worth having in the long run.

One of these is undeniably Glenn's widow Maggie Rhee. When they lost Glenn to Lucille, it was around the time we started wondering if a GoT Dany-like storyline is in the works. We were expecting the lady who was left behind to try and do the best for those who are with her.


Entertainment Weekly got in touch with actress Lauren Cohan to discuss what happens to her character now that we've started to see the inklings of a future hero. While the episode wasn't as cohesive as it could have been, especially with the scattered focus here and there, the moments that showed Maggie tried to establish her direction as far as growth into the leader is concerned.

"I think that what's important here for her is that in the beginning, she goes to the grave and garners the strength that she can from where his body lays, communicate with him and the baby, creates a communication for them, and then even in the conversation with Sasha, not everything is lost, and it's that Maggie thing. She's just like, focus on the horizon, find strength from the loss, persevere, and just keep doing that if you can until you find another solution."

Cohan shared that the episode had been a sort of seed planted towards her becoming a leader. In essence, we see that it only took one minute for her to be that "weakly pregnant lady" to a commander ordering the Hilltop residents to action.

The actress also assures fans that her little punch to Gregory was just the start of Maggie's evolution. And that we will be seeing more of what she can do in terms of letting her late loved ones live on through her.


Hopefully we'll see more of this sooner rather than later, and in a manner that breaks away from the recent episodes of the show. I need to see Maggie step up and become the fighter she can be. This is the only way to justify Glenn's death and my still watching the show.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.

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