27 Feb 2017 2:44 PM +00:00 UTC

The Walking Dead’s Eugene is Now a Fellow Negan

If the camp of the heroes in Alexandria are getting ready for war, there's still one who may already be in a war within themselves. And if the new episode of The Walking Dead is anything to go by, we may have finally said our goodbyes to the loyalty of mullet-wielding nerd, Eugene.

The change in The Walking Dead seems to go for everyone else involve, and this change may trigger what will go on with the characters. Their comrade Eugene was forced to go to the camp of the saviors.

Instead of treating him the same way he did with Daryl, Negan chose a more enticing path. That is, to give him what he wants and make him feel like a fellow Savior. The result, Time reported, is that he now feels more like a Savior than a captive.


From the viewers' point of view, Eugene seemed to have switched loyalties completely when, instead of helping out three women in the group to create a poison meant for Negan, he opted to stop them from doing the bad move.

When he uttered the three words that not even Daryl's torture didn't let him—"I am Negan"—I think the next time the Alexandrians see Eugene, it'll be with wide-open eyes and jaw-dropping expressions.

The Walking Dead airs on AMC every Sundays.

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