The Walking Dead’s Daryl Explains Blame Game for Glenn’s Death

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If there was one person who truly values the ties that bind the gang in The Walking Dead, it would have to be Daryl. From the get-go, his ties with little Sophia, his closeness with Carol, his camaraderie with Rick and Glenn, and even his small stint with Beth all prove that he's the badass with the big heart.

And that's why it was even more heartbreaking when Daryl's actions seem to be the direct cause of Glenn's death, no matter how much some may say that he shouldn't be blamed. This is also the reason why actor Norman Reedus also expects that his character will go to a dark place during the time he'll be a prisoner of war in Negan's camp.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Reedus revealed that even though no one thought that Glenn was going to die because of that, the blame seems to be weigh so much on his shoulders.

"What he was doing was protecting Rosita. Negan had that bloody bat, waving it in her face, yelling at her, and it's right in front of my face too. And he was picking on Rosita and Daryl stood up for her and he stood up for Abraham. The outcome of that, nobody knew was going to happen."

He continues that because of his conscience, Daryl seems to be letting what's happening to him now just run its course. This has also supposedly stripped the character of the will or desire to fight back.

Reedus even revealed that some of the scenes that didn't make the cut for the first episode had been him crying out in Negan's van like an animal.

This seems to be one of the ways by which the creators are putting a different spin on the new season. Instead of giving the heroes the control for the most part, the entire season saw them as broken.

"You have to break down heroes to see them turn into bigger heroes. Hopefully those heroes make it and hopefully those heroes find their way back to the type of people that fight for freedom and fight for their friends. It's just a different season. It's uplifting and its heartbreaking all at the same time, it's a very emotional ride this year. It's a very bold move, but the payoff is really big."

The Walking Dead's next episode will air this Sunday on AMC.

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