The Walking Dead Showrunners Talk About Upcoming Kingdom & Morgan’s Story

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Most of the anticipation with The Walking Deadhas been linked to Negan, and how he's planning to change the world for Rick and the gang. However, there are other characters who may be looking to a bit of change themselves. This is the case with Morgan, and how the last few episodes have shown the direction in which the character will go.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple shared that Morgan will be struggling with the long-time philosophy he's had, which is essentially to avoid killing.

We all know where exactly that led him and the Alexandrians at one point, so we can see where the struggle is coming from. For the seventh season, Gimple hinted that Morgan may be moving further away from his philosophy, which in itself will create a conflict in him. Whether or not that change will be influenced by what will happen once we really know how dies remains to be seen.


At the same time, Gimple also touched on the next setting apart from Negan's rule with the Saviors. Back in the official new trailer for The Walking Dead, fans were able to see a glimpse of the Kingdom's ruler, Ezekiel and his tiger Shiva.

Sharing a little bit about what the Kingdom holds, Gimple described the new community as a self-sufficient one that's unlike any they've encountered. With Alexandria, we were treated to a normal community that seems to be bent on pushing aside the fact that walkers were outside their walls—at least until Rick and company came along

With, the Kingdom is a place that goes beyond survival.

"There is a community there and the man in charge is somebody who embraces in some ways some of the more nonsensical part of life. you know, he walks around with a classical royal air and yet there's something very affirming about that. He's a bigger than life character and they're living in a way that is very affirmative of life and it's very different from any of the communities that we've seen before."

That's not to say that the inhabitants there go about life willy-nilly. If anything, Gimple describes the Kingdom as a community that has figured out a way to both feed themselves practically (hopefully no more surprises like in Terminus) and be alive in the "living" sense of the word.

I'm personally excited to see what happens when they meet Ezekiel. It's intriguing to see how they will put the nonsensical part of that community and try to mesh it with the current mindset of the group, which will pretty much be trying to cope with the death of a family member.

The Walking Dead will be back on AMC on Oct. 23.

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