The Walking Dead Showrunner Talks More About the Sanctuary & the Survivors

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It's hard to get The Walking Dead fans to give some love for Negan, especially after that intense sneak peek that may have given a few eagle-eyed fans a heart attack.

Now, the showrunners and the cast shared some insights about the events and settings that fans will encounter after that tense first episode. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Scott Gimple shared that the Saviors' stronghold Sanctuary will play a major role in the series.

According to Gimple, the Sanctuary is expansive, both in physical detail and in the kind of planning that the team had to do for it. He mentioned that the setting involved Walkers on quite the scale, and fans who are also readers of the comics will see the location brought to life with the creators chipping in a few more contributions.


But even more interesting is the fact that there may be quite that a few more of the characters besides Negan will factor in on the major tension of the show.

For instance, Father Gabriel and Morgan may experience character changes that will expand their roles to a darker and more aggressive spectrum. In the case of Gabriel, we saw him redeem himself from being the cowardly priest to taking up arms last season. This may have marked a change that will put him in a warrior role who will finally be of some more use to Rick and the gang, combat-wise.

As for Morgan, we all know that he's also been struggling with his own beliefs. But according to actor Lennie James, fans who have been waiting to see Morgan come out of his goody-two-shoes shell may just get their wish and then some. That scene where he kills a Savior may just see a repeat—or repeats.

Perhaps the biggest reveal is that Negan's victim is not the only shining moment of The Walking Dead's latest season.

"Some of the most amazing moments are found not where you're going to expect them when you watch the first episode. There are some unbelievable moments and performances that've come out of the fog and the haze and the post-traumatic stress of the actual moment that set the stage for the entire season. All of these guys went to some insane places, emotionally."

The Walking Dead will be back on AMC on Oct. 23.

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