The Walking Dead Season 7B Won’t Suffer The Slow Pace of First Half

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If there was anything worse than the rather scattered and haphazard narrative of the first half of The Walking Dead's season 7, it would probably be the pacing. Every episode felt like they could have been compounded into half of their entirety and we still wouldn't have lost any material or plot necessary to the story.

Now, showrunner Greg Nicotero revealed to TV Guide just how this difference will be felt once we get back on the zombie track.

"Rick and his group and the Alexandrians all realized that in order to survive, that particular community needed to fight together. That was a small part of the lesson that I think he's now realizing, which is it's not just my small community that needs to work together to survive, it's every community. So he's in recruitment mode."

The showrunners have been emphasizing time and again that the second half of this season will have a different feel to it. And according to Nicotero, the show will follow the formula of a more fast-paced second half, because it will be dropping gloomy to gain a more "breakneck pace."

One thing's for sure though. Of all the promises that has been given for this second half, the finale won't be as bad as the cliffhanger or the tragedy that followed with the season premiere. Instead, it will end on a great note, with humor, great performances, and even a "popcorn popper" moment.

The Walking Dead will return on AMC on Feb. 12.

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Violence is coming to The Walking Dead season 7 second half.