10 Oct 2016 10:06 AM +00:00 UTC

The Walking Dead Season 7 Sneak Peek Shows Possible Clue to Negan’s Victim

When the cast and showrunners of The Walking Dead said that the first episode of the seventh season is going to be bloody, well, they weren't kidding.

And now we get our first sneak peek of a very crucial scene—no spoilers though—and what could be possible clues to the identity of Lucille's first victim in the group.

In the sneak peek released for the premiere episode, we get over three minutes of tension between Negan and Rick. It appears to be the moment after Negan has delivered the fatal series of blows.

While we don't see who the victim is, we do know that it is the person to Rick's right in the lineup. The interesting thing about the scene is how Rick tries to deliver the confident, threatening act of getting back at Negan.


What he gets, however, is a chilling, almost coy response from Negan, who asks him to repeat what he had just said. It's then that we hear Negan's speech of the importance of a right hand man, and even teases that perhaps Rick's was the one who was killed.

And perhaps an even bigger irony is that the episode will be titled Right Hand Man. The title itself is loaded with possibilities. Fans have been speculating that Daryl Dixon may be the guy to die, as he had been what we consider as Rick's most trusted guy.

Of course, there's also Glenn, who had been Rick's second second-in-command, as far back as the episode where he saves Rick from the horde of zombies while caught up in the tank. Glenn's pretty high up in the list of possible victims, if only for the comic book material.

It may also be pointing to the fact that Rick will finally be losing his arm, as what was depicted in the comics. The latter part of the scene shows Negan getting an axe and then dragging Rick into the trailer.

Perhaps the biggest scene that has gotten fans talking is that last bloody scene, which we can only assume is the bloodied gory remains of Lucille's victim. Eagle-eyed fans have spotted what looks like an engagement ring at the far right side of the screen.

One fan over at Twitter has put together a series of shots showing Maggie wearing a ring while in the lineup, and we just happen to see that ring lying bloodied on the ground. It doesn't help that Maggie is on Rick's direct right.

Others are speculating that this isn't the case, because Rick only has a little blood on him for her to be the victim. And considering Maggie's role later on in the comics, it seems like she has too much material left for her to die off in Negan's lineup.


What I'm more interested is in the "joke" that Negan mentioned at the start. I'm guessing there's more to what we saw than the killing blow when season six ended? Worse, what if this was a shout-out to the previously hinted possibility that Negan will have two victims—and that this kill that we saw was actually the second one?

Let the speculation begin. Thoughts?

The Walking Dead will be back for its seventh season premiere episode on Oct. 23.

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