The Walking Dead Promo Clips Tease Possible Characters to Meet Lucille’s Batter Up

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If you think the two remaining months of waiting for The Walking Dead is already long, these new teaser clips will make it feel even longer.

New promo videos have been teased, and they’re not pretty. And by that, we mean the outcome is never revealed, but you’re left with a pretty hollow center when you get to reflect on what each character has to lose.


When The Walking Dead ended last season 6, there were 11 characters sitting in the lineup for Negan’s death row. One was supposed to have been bloodied and killed by Lucille, the infamous barbed bat, but we never get to see who it was.

Now, don’t expect to see them in these clips either. But what you do get is Negan saying his “eenie meenie miney moe” line, before each character “appears” to be the one Negan chooses to die.

The 11 30-seconder clips show a glimpse of each character’s life and struggles so far in The Walking Dead. It’s like every single one of them is trying to plead with Negan—and the audience—that it shouldn’t be him (or her).



Since I’m hoping that it won’t be Daryl, Glenn or Maggie, you check out their pseudo-pre-death scenes. You can check out the rest of the clips in the link here.





Yes, call this my way of warding off the possibility of their deaths. But judging from my track record—and the latest clip that showed a small detail—I think one of these “eenie, meenie, miney moes” might just get a hit.

The Walking Dead Season 7 will return on AMC on Oct. 24.

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