The Walking Dead New TV Spot Shows Negan, Shoot-outs & More Negan

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In just a little over a month, we'll finally know who Negan's victim is. But even before that, fans already know that Negan is about to bring terror with a capital T to The Walking Dead.

The new TV spot seems to be a big proof of this. Posted by one YouTube user, The Walking Dead – Leaked!, the TV spot was supposedly aired during Fear The Walking Dead.

The TV spot, seen below, is barely half a minute long, but it gives you a glimpse of what kind of leader Negan will be. Perhaps dictator is the more fitting description, as he utters a very apt line:

"You should know, this is the only way. Whatever you had going for you, that's over."

As though that's not enough, he also ends the TV spot announcing that he's everywhere. The ending of the sixth season was pretty much a demonstration of that last tidbit.

For fans who are looking for more clues from the TV spot, it seems that the creators are very careful on this one. The TV spot is really all about Negan and the crew that he commands. We spot a few zombies here and there. Dwayne also shows up a lot, albeit without the dreaded vest seen on him in the offiical teaser.

There are only two familiar faces from the mainstays in The Walking Dead TV spot. There's Carol, as seen in recently leaked pictures. Tara is also there, and she seems to be in quite the tight spot.

If Negan's threat is anything to go by—and you know it is—then we might really see a complete turnaround for Team Rick. Considering how they have been changing gears in the last season, where they've started to become more aggressive following the Prison and The Governor incident, Negan will definitely shake up the dynamics.

Now, if only we can get through that first episode's death.


The Walking Dead will be back on AMC on Oct. 23.

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