The Walking Dead New Posters, Funko Merch Hint at Negan’s New World

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The coming weeks will be an unbearably long wait. It doesn't help that there are a lot of teasers—with no clue to that equally frustrating cliffhanger—coming out for The Walking Dead.

Among these is the string of posters featuring Negan and then-leader Rick Grimes. Collider got some of the posters, seen above.

These hint of the next world that Negan may be looking to change with his bat. Even more foreboding is what the price that will be paid. Is this a hint to the life that will be taken by Lucille? The bigger question though is if it is in reference to Rick in any way?


On a lighter note, there's a new batch of Funko's figures that are dead set and ready for The Walking Dead season 7. There are six characters all in all, four of whom are part of the main group, while two are expected to have a big role in the upcoming season. featured a sneak peek of the Funko figures to get you geared up for season 7. Spearheading the new figures is, of course, Negan and his beloved Lucille.

There's also Jesus, who may be playing a bigger role this time around instead of just being the petty thief who tried to outsmart Daryl and Rick last season.

We also get a glimpse of Rosita, Carl in his cowboy look and still with two good eyes, and Father Gabriel with a shotgun. Daryl is also in the mix, and he's holding the shotgun that made the surprising explosion toward the end of season 6.

I have to wonder if these mainstay character figures signal that they are safe from Lucille's lineup. Carl, Rosita, and Father Gabriel are far from being killed, but Daryl was a big suspect, thanks to that little official teaser with Dwayne.

If this is the case, it's still not looking very well for couple Glenn and Maggie, who are, at this point, the biggest bets for receiving Lucille's love.

In any case, pool up your patience, as The Walking Dead is not returning to AMC until Oct. 23.

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